Post-Season Update: BRSCC Porsche and other news!

Post-Season Update: BRSCC Porsche and other news!

It’s easy to slip into the offseason and indeed all the way through it, winding up unprepared for the new season. As I enter my first post-season no longer working in the motor trade and working longer hours, the constraints on my time rather than the usual money woes are starting to eat away at the back of my mind – although I choose to wait on the final published copy of championship regs before I make changes, there is still much work that could be done if it wasn’t so cold outside and thankless…

However, I’ve been lucky enough to rely on some new relationships to make 2016 a much more inviting prospect! Step forward Gavin Johnson, a fellow Classic Stock Hatch racer with ambition and maybe the best attitude towards development through sport that I’ve encountered. Gavin’s enthusiasm and ability to see bigger pictures persuaded me to go into partnership with him for a season in the BRSCC Porsche Championship, in which I will be competing in 8 out of the 22 races in our recently-acquired 924 – marking my first season racing primarily in rear wheel drive machinery. I will be supporting Gavin at the other races as trackside support and he’s going to be fun to work with! Keep tabs on Gavin @gavinjohnson09


Johnson ready to build on first two seasons since stepping up to cars.

That’s not to say the old Nova will be getting neglected. Whilst it’s not my main focus for 2016 (even less so with no Croft or Cadwell on the calendar #northerndiscrimination), I’ll be out at least twice in 2016 bringing my probable race count for the year to 12 – double what I’ve done in the last two years!

At the close of the 2015 season I revealed a new partnership with Turn8 Racing – the producers of this website – with a view to a PR campaign for the 2016 season, and the timing could not have been better. After years of stubbornness that I didn’t need help to make the racing happen, a combination of Gavin and Turn8 director Jess Shanahan has persuaded me to make an investment in attracting sponsorship and despite this only being a recent contract, it is already reaping rewards – with some big news on the way very shortly! If you need a clue, Turn8 recently announced some big news of their own… exciting times!


Turn8 Motorsport PR support has been vital to 2016 campaign already

It goes to show, sometimes luck puts the right people around you at the right time. Stay tuned for more updates, you can also find me @racerhammond on twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Next track time is 12/12/2015 at Donington, the first test for the Porsche ahead of next season!

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